Thursday, April 19, 2007

This is one of my favorite clips from my favorite TV show ever, West Wing.


Jeff Winston said...

That has also been my all-time favorite scene of the West Wing. I lament the standards of the average television viewer these days. Why have high quality intelligent dramatization when the masses want so-called reality TV. Decisions of our media moguls to continually perpetrate the dumbing of the nation a the expense of thought provoking entertainment will always be beyond me.

Our country needs so much repair, I wouldn't know where to begin. But the West Wing offered hope. It brought forth so many, not only great, but positive ideas for bringing the people together; to intelligently solve some of the problems in America; and to do all of this without a negative tone. The show featured partisanbickering, yet found ways to compromise and move things forward. The West Wing offered hope and was cancelled for it.

Chet said...

West Wing was a well-written show and despite its bias I enjoyed it, except for the over-drama of the last couple of years.

West Wing wasn't cancelled because it "offered hope" - it had an amazingly long run in terms of TV time and simply ran out story space after a while. No show can last for ever.